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Revitalization of a brewery in Kalush, Ukraine

Our Client

The owner of a brewery in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine


In 2012 our lawyers represented the interests of the owner of several businesses in Western Ukraine related to the purchase and bidding procedure for a brewery in Kalush.


The project involved not only the solving of legal issues regarding distressed assets, but also the complete revitalization of the Kalush brewery and its transformation into a successful business.

Asset Stress

The Asset Was Put Up for Compulsory Sale

The brewery was purchased at auction

Obsolete and Partly Outdated Equipment

The plant needed capital injections

Underuse of Plant Potential

Production capacity was less than 50 percent of design load

Client Outcomes

We successfully resolved all legal disputes around the asset.

We have created conditions necessary to attract business investors and the appointment of progressive management.

Asset Revitalization

Added Value Delivered:

  • Legal conditions necessary to attract investors have been created.
  • The successful operation of one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine.
  • High quality, new plant and equipment for the enterprise has been purchased.
  • Maximization of plant capacity.
  • Transparent financial statements are being filed.

The Next Project

Debt restructuring and revitalization of a poultry farm in Synelnykovo, Ukraine

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