About the Firm – Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners

About the Firm

“Selepey, Volkovetsky and Partners” is a new generation law firm.


By introducing several innovative services we have become Ukraine’s first law firm specializing in the revitalization of legally distressed assets.

Deliver solutions

We deliver differentiated legal solutions, thus attracting project funding for transformed industry compliant assets.

We help business owners find bespoke legal solutions for issues which are negatively impacting their companies. The longevity of our results helps drive strategic advantage for businesses while implementing their corporate planning.

We professionally implement efficient litigation and legal strategies in a highly complex environment to help ensure Ukrainian institutions follow the principles of the rule of law.


We remain resistant to existing local stereotypes, paradigms and conceptions of justice, which do not comply with modern democratic approaches in society and hinder the protection of rights and interests of our clients.

We have a successful track record of winning cases and implementing bespoke legal solutions from a weak starting position and a high level of risk. We successfully recover and collect assets, protect stakes in businesses, counteract hostile takeovers and other unlawful challenges.

We contribute strongly to the future of the legal profession

We create mental space for our people to work more with ideas and concepts, encouraging them to learn to collaborate in new ways with our clients.