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We welcome applications to join our team from creative, proactive and highly talented people with advanced analytical skills.

We value people who can bring fresh perspectives to challenging situations and are equipped to conclusively deliver new ways of thinking to help our clients make informed choices.


SVP is rethinking the future of legal profession and encouraging employees not only to capture the facts of the pattern, but to look at legal work more broadly. For us, lawyers are not just the readers of legal norms, but the experts who understand the principles of relations regulation.


Our team is given every opportunity to study intensively and to develop a deep understanding of their chosen field. We expect our candidates to embrace the learning process in terms of the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to best advise our partners and clients.


At “Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners” we do everything we can to ensure you will have every opportunity to work on complex and interesting projects in a successful, high performing and friendly team.

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