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Poultry Farm

Debt restructuring and revitalization of a poultry farm in Synelnykovo, Ukraine

Our Client

An investor interested in buying a distressed asset – a poultry farm in Synelnykovo, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine.


In 2015, when we embarked on this project, the poultry farm owner was resolving issues related to debts of over $8.5 million with creditors, including VAB Bank, through court action.

Asset Stress

Issues With Repayment of Loans

Debts totaling more than $ 8.5 million

Obsolete Equipment

Outdated equipment compared to modern production standards

Farm Stood Idle

The enterprise did not conduct any business activities, and only held assets in buildings and equipment

Client Outcomes

Our lawyers provided legal support and resolved all disputes during and after court hearings. As a result, investors bought a distressed poultry farm asset through an auction organized and conducted within the bankruptcy procedure.


We succeeded in attracting investment for working capital and enterprise development, which resulted in the restoration of the assets activities.




Asset Revitalization

Added Value Delivered:

  • Legal conditions necessary to attract investors have been created.
  • The poultry farm is now fully operational and a professional team has been created.
  • Employment opportunities have been created.
  • Chicken, produced at the poultry farm is distributed for sale in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya and Poltava.

The Next Project

Debt restructuring and revitalization of a poultry farm in Synelnykovo, Ukraine

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