SVP together with Czech partners provides legal assistance to Ukrainians in the Czech Republic – Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners

SVP together with Czech partners provides legal assistance to Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

01 July 2022

Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners became a partner of the project “Integration program Ukraine”. The aim of the project is to help Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their country because of the war.


The assistance is provided through a network between government, non-governmental organizations, Arrows Etl Global associates and Ukrainian associates.



The assistance is implemented in four areas:


1. From refugee to resident — helping to live full-fledged life in a new country.


Providing comprehensive assistance in everyday life issues to people from Ukraine who want to become a resident and live fully in a new country as a resident. Dealing with the matters of education abroad, legal assistance to obtain the necessary documents, registration for citizenship in the Czech Republic.


2. Business opportunity for Ukrainians — to build a business in the Czech Republic.


Helping with operational issues related to the establishment and operation of business, the treatment of intellectual property or tax issues.


3. Business in Ukraine — cost-effective investments abroad.


Providing turn-key legal advice on investments in Ukraine, assistance with finding suitable investment opportunities, or expert support in acquiring real estate or land in Ukraine.


4. Pro bono advisory — for those who are in a difficult life situation.


Providing legal assistance to clients for whom such assistance would otherwise be unaffordable for financial or other reasons. For example, helping single mothers or the elderly.



Partners of the program:


– Parliament of the Czech Republic;
– Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic;
– Czech Bar Association;
– CzechInvest;
– Czech Chamber of Commerce;
– A number of media;
– Non-governmental organizations.