Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners – We contribute to the economic rebirth of Ukraine by focusing on the revitalization of legally distressed assets and their return to the market

We Solve Problems

We help find a way out of a hopeless situation to breathe new life into distressed assets

We Solve Problems

We Transform Businesses

We Transform Businesses

It is immensely satisfying to see an asset, which for many years was not functioning effectively, come alive

We Promote Development

By restoring assets, we facilitate the economic development of regions and communities in many parts of Ukraine

We Promote Development

How We Work

We Restore Your Rights

We will ensure control over the asset at all stages of the project

We Create Opportunities

We convert a distressed asset into a shareholding in the new business

We Develop Ukraine

We care about the development of regions and communities

Our Vision


  • Litigation

  • Insolvency and Restructuring

  • Distressed Investments

  • A Leading Voice

  • Banking & Financial Law

  • Private Client

  • Emerging Growth

  • Corporate Law / M&A