Corporate Law
Setting a correct corporate structure is common practice, vital for their growth, even among established companies. However, the process often leads to changes that might cause tensions in business relationships between shareholders or creditors.

In the reorganization of a large beer and alcohol producer implemented by our firm, our goal was to create a system of corporate governance that would protect interests of one of the shareholders (our client) and satisfy other parties. As a result, we developed a corporate structure that enabled further growth of the company and has been performing effectively ever since.
Mergers & Acquisitions
M&As might be difficult to implement given the specifics of Ukrainian business environment and legal regulations, especially when buying or selling distressed assets. Our team has been sucessful in purchasing assets for local and international clients in Ukraine, using systemic and complex approach and proper transaction planning. Our firm assumes full responsibility for the process of asset purchase and subsequently advises the client on development of this asset.
Ukraine's economy is currently facing big challenges. Still, the business continues looking for ways to grow and develop. This often requires negotiating deals with creditors and searching for new sources of funding.

We have closed more than 40 complex transactions on debt claim buyout. We successfully completed cross-border transactions on purchasing debt claims against Ukrainian companies from foreign institutional creditors. We have cooperated with most of the biggest and many small banks in Ukraine, so we know how to close our clients' financial deals efficiently and timely.

Our firm also has vast experience of conducting in-depth due diligence for banking and financial institutions.
Dispute Resolution
When our clients face conflict situations or challenging legal disputes, our team assists them with finding the most efficient solution. We practice out-of-the-box thinking and complex approach to achieve the goals set by our clients.

Our lawyers were able to successfully foreclose on mortgaged property of a bank in a case where a loan of about $40,000 was about to be written off from its balance sheet. In another case, our investor client almost lost the land title for a plot he purchased for construction purposes. The legitimacy of the title was disputed by the prosecutor's office. Such cases are usually rather difficult to solve; however, we were able to prove the legitimacy of the client's interests and secure construction as planned.
Bankruptcy and Restructuring
Debt restructuring is never an easy process, especially when one-billion-hryvnia debt is at stake. For that particular case, we reached agreements with all creditors we were authorized to talk to. The project extended for two years. Due to our efforts, the client was able to secure his business from aggressive claims by unfriendly creditors and find common ground with each of them.

In the last several years we have defended interests of our clients in more than 30 complex bankruptcy proceedings. We succeeded in satisfying numerous creditor claims of our clients and defending debtors' interests against asset grabbing attempts by their creditors.

One challenging bankruptcy case involved a manufacturing company whose shareholders' interests we represented. The company came under a takeover attack by its minority shareholders who aimed at taking over the plant and neglecting interests of other shareholders and creditors. Persistent and thorough work helped us to stop a bankruptcy proceeding and restore the shareholders' control over the plant.
Real Estate & Construction
The real estate market of Ukraine is on the rise again, although the complexity of its regulation and constant legislative changes often cause difficulties in project implementation for business.

We regularly consult developers and construction firms in all regions of Ukraine. Our firm provided full legal support for construction of a residential building in Kyiv. We have successfully completed many transactions on acquisition and/or lease of large commercial facilities and land plots, and provide contract support on acquisition of mortgage lenders.